[Market-farming] Pinpoint seeder

Andy Fellenz fellenz at fltg.net
Thu Feb 5 23:33:14 EST 2009

You might want to look at the Jang Seeder being sold by Mechanical 
Transplanter.  I have a three row and have been very happy with its 
performance with small seeded vegetables like carrots.  It takes a 
little work to set up the seeding depth, but once you get the hang of 
it, it is easy to set up and quick to change over.  It does a good job 
singulating and spacing the seed and is very consistent with seeding 


Marcy wrote:
> Beth and Allan, I appreciate your feedback.
> I have custody of a neighbor's old Planet Jr.   He doesn't use it but 
> doesn't want to sell it  J
> Maybe I'll work with it more on small seeds. I've had a tough time 
> with it but I'm not very patient with things like that and after 
> reading the whole process to change seed size I don't think I'd do any 
> better with the pinpoint.  And my hoophouse soil is FAR from perfect!  
> Especially after I had my neighbor take his skid-steer tiller through 
> it last spring to work in the wheat grass cover -- way too deep and we 
> lost all the nice soil we'd been working on.
> I'll be more cognizant of what seed I'm planting (last year's lettuce 
> vs this year's seed makes a huge difference in germination).  Maybe do 
> more transplants for nice head spacing too. I was thinking about 
> carrots, beets, chard, radish, all my herbs, but once we get the soil 
> better the spacing will do better too. I like your suggestion about 
> rolling the soil Allan and we'll try a barrel.  Got rid of an old sod 
> roller that must have weighed 300#. We could hardly move the thing. No 
> clue what they did with it.  
> Since I've got boys that love to use their knives I think we'll stick 
> with that for harvesting -- this year anyway.
> THANKS again!  I'm glad I checked as I'm sure I'd end up with both 
> technical and personality issues!
> Marcy
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