[Market-farming] Pinpoint seeder

Marcy mlynn at pcisys.net
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Beth and Allan, I appreciate your feedback.

I have custody of a neighbor's old Planet Jr.   He doesn't use it but
doesn't want to sell it  J 

Maybe I'll work with it more on small seeds. I've had a tough time with it
but I'm not very patient with things like that and after reading the whole
process to change seed size I don't think I'd do any better with the
pinpoint.  And my hoophouse soil is FAR from perfect!  Especially after I
had my neighbor take his skid-steer tiller through it last spring to work in
the wheat grass cover - way too deep and we lost all the nice soil we'd been
working on. 

I'll be more cognizant of what seed I'm planting (last year's lettuce vs
this year's seed makes a huge difference in germination).  Maybe do more
transplants for nice head spacing too. I was thinking about carrots, beets,
chard, radish, all my herbs, but once we get the soil better the spacing
will do better too. I like your suggestion about rolling the soil Allan and
we'll try a barrel.  Got rid of an old sod roller that must have weighed
300#. We could hardly move the thing. No clue what they did with it.  

Since I've got boys that love to use their knives I think we'll stick with
that for harvesting - this year anyway.

THANKS again!  I'm glad I checked as I'm sure I'd end up with both technical
and personality issues!



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I don't like mine. Johnny's offered for me to send it back for them to work
on but I haven't rounded up a large enough sturdy box yet. Apparently they
have made some adjustments since I got mine 3 years ago. I was going to take
it to the NOFA conference for them to take back, but ended up not going, so.


The technical issues - 1) the soil tends to build up behind the roller and
the seeds don't come out. It may work well in a perfect soil at a perfect
moisture level. I have sandy soil in my hoophouse and it doesn't not work
well unless quite wet. 

2) The belts pop off and aren't real noticeable, so you don't realize you
are not sowing seeds.

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