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> On Thu, 5 Feb 2009 08:33:52 -0700, you wrote:
>>> I do a whole lot of my gardening in SWCs (the so-called, but misnamed,
> Self-Watering Containers) and I number the SWCs for record-keeping
> purposes.  So maybe I'll use paint pens on containers for writing large,
> and the markers for the plant labels.
> SWC info for those who may be interested:
> www.meadows.pair.com/swcreport.html .
> Hi Pat,
We have two greenhouses which we use to grow tomatoes, peppers and 
cucumbers.  We did invest in earthboxes.  We have had them for many years 
and they look as new as the day we purchased them.  I have been very 
impressed with the yield.  One thing I have never done and was wondering if 
you have done is this.  The earthbox company says that the next year you 
don't have to change out all of the old potting soil, but just the top 
portion.  I have been too afraid to do this because of a fear of disease 
etc:  What have you experienced with your SWC's?  We also have two unheated 
high tunnels which we do grow directly in the soil, but the tomatoes in the 
SWCs far exceed in harvest each year!  Thanks for the info.  Perhaps we will 
try to make some of our own if and when we need more.
Kathy Somers

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