[Market-farming] Marking supplies

Marcy mlynn at pcisys.net
Thu Feb 5 10:33:52 EST 2009

Someone on this list gave me the idea last year and I want to say thanks and
pass it on. I was reminded of it looking through catalogs this morning with
all the nice wooden garden markers.

I had two mini blinds that had been replaced in the house. If you cut up the
slats they make great markers.  I found that longer pieces didn't work real
well - they tend to bend and break or pull out of the ground, but up to 10"
or so do really good.  Great winter job for kids.  I cut the "bottom" at an
angle or a point for outside markers.   Saves a few bucks anyway.  You can
usually find some really cheap at thrift stores.


Also for UV proof markers that last the entire season, use the Sharpie
INDUSTRIAL markers. I just got a 3-pack at the office supply store - way
cheaper there than the seed catalogs.  There's nothing worse than labeling
all the rows or flats with something that fades!



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