[Market-farming] Pinpoint seeder

Marcy mlynn at pcisys.net
Thu Feb 5 10:17:02 EST 2009

I've been eyeing the six-row pinpoint seeder from Johnny's especially for
use in our hoophouse - I keep getting things planted too thickly! I would
need to get the extended range shaft as well, so it's $650.  We've been at
one acre cultivated and 30x100' hoophouse, but are expanding this year and
just getting beyond the do everything by hand stage.   Besides the fact that
I have 4 boys that would lots rather run a tool or machine!


I'd appreciate any feedback on the seeder - good or bad.  Also has anyone
used it on real short rows - I'm thinking between the path and edge of the
hoophouse where I've got about 4' beds to go short rows, but maybe it would
work better going lengthways.

As always, thanks to the great list!



SE Colo - headed to 70 today but still dry

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