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Gordana Đitko gordanadjitko at gmail.com
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Dear all,

I am from Croatia.

I am very interested in Ladybirds Farming, Do you have some experience abut
that (or  can suggest some literature?).

Best regards from Croatia  (City of Vukovar)


2009/2/4 <sunnfarm at netscape.com>

> A 50pound bag of solubor has around 10 pounds of boron, so spray it on the
> ground in a calibrated spray rig... Bob.
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> Subject: [Market-farming] boron sources
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> I was wondering if anyone has had any very good (or bad) experiences with
> different OMRI approved boron sources.  I have used Solubor and Granubor, as
> a foliar and soil application respectively.  I thought both worked fairly
> well, although spreading 15lb(3% boron) of a substance over an acre was a
> bit of a pain.  I'm now at a new farm, where we've been using Solubor for
> foliar applications, but we're looking for a better (it it's out there)
> source of boron.  I've seen Biomin, Fertibor and Phyto-Plus as other
> suppliers, but can't find any information about what makes them any
> different.  Thanks for any info..
> .John DiZazzo
> New Morning Farm
> Hustontown, PA
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