[Market-farming] Glaser wheel hoe

Marcy mlynn at pcisys.net
Sun Feb 1 00:15:07 EST 2009

I got a lightweight wheel hoe from Burrell seed in Rocky Ford CO - they're
not online. It was less than $100 a couple years ago including the extra
stirrup/cutting blade.  I'm thinking of getting another one this year
especially for early in the season. I wouldn't be without it -- even in our
hard, tight soil. I'm 5'4" and the handles are fine. My boys use it and
sometimes adjust the handles but I've used them at various positions and
doesn't seem to matter much. I was absolutely amazed at how it did in one
heavily infected bindweed area last spring. I didn't think it (or I) could
handle it but it just sliced through those roots. 

SE Colo with 65 today!

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