[Market-farming] Coal fired heating

Hugh + Tuuli Cartmill orufarm at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 16:20:37 EDT 2008


 I have been living in Estonia, Europe for a few years now after my wife (who is Estonian) and I bought a small holding. I just joined this mailing list a few days ago and have gone through some of the archives and found a wealth of material but is there a way to search it as my question may already have been dealt with before? In any case, we have a 200m2 double-skin inflated plastic greenhouse in which we started growing pot herbs in hydroponic channels this year. There are 18X 400W assimilation lights and the greenhouse has an oil-fired boiler. However, with the cost of oil over here I am thinking of changing to coal. Does anyone have experience of coal and can you give me advice on how powerful a boiler I need (or a good rule of thumb), how much coal it will burn (we get down to -30C exceptionally but normally down to -15C for a few days only) and anything else that might be of interest? 



Oru Farm OÜ

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