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Can I ask a stupid question?

What is the benefit of cover cropping with the rye? Do you cover crop and then just disc and till under for organic substance? Or do you use the rye for something? chop and feed to animals? or just to help with the weeds during the winter season?


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> Bill, I agree that 2 bushel /acre grain rye is the best. I paid $16 a bu for what we call western grain rye. local rye is half the price but usually full of weeds and small animal body parts. I found that applying a little more than 1/2 bushel and getting it well spaced and with good germ worked. I was surprised and my wallet felt good too. I have not purchased perennial rye in a couple years so I don't remember what is cost but the way it spreads and persists I think I will use more of it in the future.
> I have plowed under perennial ryegrass, planted sweetcorn, applied attrazine and dual along with cultivation yet by harvest time the ryegrass would come back completely covering the field better than when I seeded it a year earlier despite all the tillage and herbicides. It could become a perennial cover crop. This is something I am experminting with... Bob.
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> Bob
> Is it perennial ryegrass you are buying for $16/bushel or are you using 
> grain rye? We've been using grain rye at various rates but usually 90 or 120 
> lb/acre gives us our best stands. We have heavy prairie soils.
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