[Market-farming] How to Plow

Carla Shafer cs13 at cornell.edu
Wed Oct 15 09:17:16 EDT 2008

In trying to wrap my head around all the ins and outs of tillage (and
non-tillage) I've run across some great resources. Here are a couple of good
ones relating to plowing:

   1.  Steel in the Field: a Farmer's Guide to Weed Management
Tools<http://www.sare.org/publications/weeds.htm>-- This SARE
publication is available in its entirety online, but well worth
   the purchase price for your own farm library copy, in my opinion.
   2. How to Use Your Tractor: Creating a
An archived article from the Yesterday's Tractor magazine that covers
   basic techniques of plowing and discing. (While you're on the YT website,
   check the archives for other articles that may be of interest, as well.)
   3. How to set up a
plow<http://www.ssbtractor.com/wwwboard/messages9/5630.html>-- a post
to the SSB Tractor forum, with a beginner's tip for how to adjust
   a plow the first time you use it.
   4. Finally, I seem to recollect a useful discussion about bringing some
   fallow fields into production on this very list. I can't say exactly when it
   was. But it might be worth a perusal of the archives, if my memory serves

All the best,

Carla Shafer

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 6:42 AM, Andy Fellenz <fellenz at fltg.net> wrote:

> I'm scaling up and looking for information on setting up and operating
> larger equipment, specifically the best way to open up and plow fields
> which have been mowed, but not planted in a long (>15 years) time.  Up
> to now I've usually worked up 1/4-1/2 acre at a time at the most and
> used a 3pt mounted rototiller.
> I'll be planting larger areas next year and am looking for good how-to
> guides.  On the equipment side for the larger fields I have an Allis
> Chalmers 180 (~70hp) with a 14" Oliver plow (plow can be set up as 3 or
> 4 bottoms), 8' disk, 12' disk, 8' cultipacker, 10' cultimulcher, 8'
> S-Tine cultivator.  I've mowed the field this season and may have time
> to get out and fall plow if it makes sense.
> Andy
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