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Hi Kurt,

I'm not sure how long it might take exactly.  It might depend a bit on soil temperature and moisture I would think.  A few weeks would seem normal but that may be different given varietal differences and such.

On a related note....I was having this conversation regarding vine vigor with another grower not to long ago.  With varieties that have hardy foliage that isn't prone to naturally die back from disease or whatever its probably advisable to go in and kill the vines at some point.  We grow primarily Yukon Golds which don't have this problem, but we have found that some of the hardier stock that we grow will become problematic without killing the vines.  The potatoes outgrow themselves and seem to have more hollow heart, the vines make harvest a pain, and they don't "dry down" well. 

We've taken to bush hogging our hardier stock a few weeks prior to harvest and/or if and when late-blight appears around our region.  This has helped.  A bush hog works pretty good though your hills can't be to high otherwise you'll be pre-slicing your spuds and beating up your blades.  A lot of big commercial growers flame kill the foliage.  

At any rate maybe something to consider for next season.  For this year you're blessed with a "New Potato" crop long after everyone else.  It might be a boon to marketing ; - )



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Would anyone like to comment on how long it takes potato skins to toughen up after the foliage dies back?  I have a trial variety, Purple Fingers, that the frost finally got, even with planting on April 23rd.

Kurt Forman

Clearview Farm

Palmyra, NY 14522


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