[Market-farming] New Opportunity? Certified Gluten-Free Oats

Pat Meadows pat at meadows.pair.com
Wed Oct 22 14:40:08 EDT 2008

Because I recently became gluten-intolerant, I've had to give up eating
anything containing wheat, barley or rye - all of which naturally contain
gluten.  (And you would be amazed how many foods contain wheat gluten:  I
have to cook absolutely everything myself now.)

I've also had to give up eating oats, although oats are different.  They do
not naturally contain gluten.  

However, oats are usually contaminated with gluten because they are grown
in fields where wheat had been grown (and some wheat resprouts, I suppose,
and is harvested along with the oats).  They are also, apparently, handled
with the same harvesting equipment and so on.  (This is what I read; I
believe it's accurate.)

There are 'certified gluten-free oats' available from a few suppliers. They
are VERY expensive.  Take a look:  

http://www.bobsredmill.com/home.php?cat=123 (Bob's Red Mill is the largest
supplier of gluten-free grains, cereals, etc. that I am aware of. They
apparently have had trouble getting gluten-free oats - they had them for a
while, dropped them, and have just now started selling them again.)


There are a few, very few, other suppliers of gluten-free oats who can be
found by Googling.

I buy a lot of gluten-free foods now from Barry Farm in Ohio -
www.barryfarm.com .  They are not presently selling any gluten-free oats,

I just thought there might be an opportunity here for an enterprising
farmer or two.

-- northern Pennsylvania
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