[Market-farming] Friends of the Market Programs

TradingPostPaul tradingpost at riseup.net
Fri Oct 17 16:03:55 EDT 2008

Perhaps the first question is how far will they need to drive from
surrounding counties? If the outside customers live in those counties
rather than "tourists" there's a better chance of repeat customers.     

Of course even in a depressed area people still have to eat. Maybe the
produce offered can be tailored more to cash-strapped families' buying
habits. I try to explain to customers that cooking from quality basic
ingredients is much cheaper than prepared, processed supermarket junk. And
BTW good tasting food is less "depressing". The drawback is too many don't
know how to boil water. The times we live in. 

paul tradingpost at lobo.net

>How many of your markets have such a program for generating operating
>expenses? What do "Friends" get besides warm fuzzies? We are in an
>economically depressed area and recently had what little funding we were
>receiving funneled elsewhere. So we are racking our brains trying to come
>up with something...at the same time we are researching changing our
>market to have more of a regional footprint to drive tourism into our
>area, as most of the surrounding counties have better demographics. 
>Any input or direction for more resources appreciated.
>west central Ohio

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