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Andy, I always like to fall plow all my early spring planting ground. The soil on plowed soil warms up fast and dries out quick...You may have to replace the shares before you start plowing, and even the landsides. Have someone check out the plow before you start. Worn shares and rusty moldboards make the job harder.
You can learn to plow the same way I did... Just hook it up go to the field when no one is looking, set the plow down and start moving. You will soon see where adjustments need to be made. don't try to go too deep and find a speed that suits your old tractor. With an old tractor unless the engine was rebuilt you might be better off using three bottoms... Good luck.. Bob.
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I'm scaling up and looking for information on setting up and operating 
larger equipment, specifically the best way to open up and plow fields 
which have been mowed, but not planted in a long (>15 years) time.  Up 
to now I've usually worked up 1/4-1/2 acre at a time at the most and 
used a 3pt mounted rototiller. 

I'll be planting larger areas next year and am looking for good how-to 
guides.  On the equipment side for the larger fields I have an Allis 
Chalmers 180 (~70hp) with a 14" Oliver plow (plow can be set up as 3 or 
4 bottoms), 8' disk, 12' disk, 8' cultipacker, 10' cultimulcher, 8' 
S-Tine cultivator.  I've mowed the field this season and may have time 
to get out and fall plow if it makes sense. 

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