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Wed Oct 15 09:54:03 EDT 2008

I bought a Ferguson 2-bottom 12" plow this spring on Ebay, and discovered
that, while I'd plowed quite a bit as a boy, Dad had always set it up first.
My furrows looked like I'd been trying to push a rope down the field.

A couple of good vintage publications I found were these. I've got a Ford 8N
so that's what I was looking for, but some of the tips should apply to
plowing in general.

*Ferguson AO Plows - Operating and Assembly  *

*Ferguson Moldboard Plow Service Manual*


For whatever reason the cross shaft on my plow was installed upside down,
which was why I couldn't get the rear share into the ground. I couldn't get
the plow leveled in the furrow. Also the rear of the plow was pointing to
the left front rather than right front tire, which was why the danged
tractor kept trying to take off across the plowed field at a 30 degree
angle. The rear furrow wheel acts like a rudder on a boat. Once I got these
things fixed and the draft set at a level the tractor could pull, things
went pretty smooth. At least my wife doesn't think the plow is a piece of
junk any more :). Now to convince her I really need a 5' disk...

Hope this helps,
Bill Huhman
Central Ohio and home of the Pumpkin Show going on this week
On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 8:23 AM, Bill Shoemaker <wshoemak at inil.com> wrote:

> I can't remember which publication it was in but I once read a beautiful
> discourse on the art and methodology of moldboard plowing by Gene Logsdon.
> I
> know many have retired their moldboard plows but for the purpose of opening
> up fallow ground, it's really the best technique. If followed up properly
> it
> does not have to result in soil erosion.
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> > I'm scaling up and looking for information on setting up and operating
> > larger equipment, specifically the best way to open up and plow fields
> > which have been mowed, but not planted in a long (>15 years) time.  Up
> > to now I've usually worked up 1/4-1/2 acre at a time at the most and
> > used a 3pt mounted rototiller.
> >
> > I'll be planting larger areas next year and am looking for good how-to
> > guides.  On the equipment side for the larger fields I have an Allis
> > Chalmers 180 (~70hp) with a 14" Oliver plow (plow can be set up as 3 or
> > 4 bottoms), 8' disk, 12' disk, 8' cultipacker, 10' cultimulcher, 8'
> > S-Tine cultivator.  I've mowed the field this season and may have time
> > to get out and fall plow if it makes sense.
> >
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