[Market-farming] Storage Crops

Harriet Allen hattie_allen at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 13:35:34 EDT 2008

I will admit that I am in Zone 7, but I'm doing a lot of Fall/Winter Gardening and I used to garden a lot in a Zone 5 climate.  You should definitely forget trying to pull them.  Leave them in the ground and cover them.  If you have Row cover, that's great...it really does the trick in that the ground won't normally freeze underneath of it until you get lots of nights pretty well below freezing.  The row cover itself increases the heat of the soil in general so that the crops stand the cold better and since you are also blocking the dessicating wind, it really helps retain qualilty.
You can also just cover things with hay or straw or whatever you have.  My experience with that has shown me that even the beet greens will stay alive and well for harvesting better than you would imagine.  But that type of material is going to insulate whatever temperature you have under it, so be sure that the ground is warm when you do cover it...that helps a lot and I'm not sure what your zone is, but I should think, even in zone 5 that this would keep things well until Christmas.
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