[Market-farming] ? re yellow raspberries

Bobbett bobbett at alltel.net
Thu Oct 2 15:01:04 EDT 2008

Ok, dummy me didn't write down which row was which when I planted Anne 
and Kiwi Gold raspberries earlier this year.  So I'm asking the experts 
on this list to see if anyone can take an educated guess on which is 
which based on the below, especially if you've grown either or both of 
these varieties of yellow raspberries before:

One variety definitely has bigger fruit than the other.
The bigger fruit is slight conical in shape AND is fully ripe when 
totally yellow.
The other variety is round and isn't fully ripe until the fruit is 
turning orange; yellow fruits are still hard and unripe.

Also, are these varieties Fall-bearing, or are they just doing so for me 
this year because I only planted them this year?  The dormant canes were 
planted in April, and they started setting fruit on the new canes late 
this summer.  I'm still picking fruit as we speak.

Bobbett, KY zone 6

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