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At our market, most farmer's bring their greens in ice chests...those that have stronger backs or more employees use the very big ones.  I use the regular home size to keep the weight manageable. One has a small trailer that is insulated, their greens are in tubs with lids and the put bags of ice on top of the tubs.  They only take out one tub at a time and keep the trailer closed up. Some bring pre-bagged, some bag at the market which is what I do.  I put a cold pack in the bottom of a basket, put in enough greens for a display, mist and turn them often and keep 2-3 bagged up ready to go. Most of the volume is in the ice chest. There are some farmers who only put out bags but on a table where they are readily visible.  Some farmers bag on demand.  They replenish the working display basket as they go along.   If it is really hot, I'll put a cold pack on top of a towel on top of the lettuce in the ice chest.  I keep the ice chests in the shade as much as possible.  Cold flows down, so a cold pack at the bottom of your chest or display basket is less effective than on top.

One of our farmers came up with a portable misting system.  They took a pump up sprayer, attached to it a 1/4" line that ran the length of one side of their E-Z up and put mister nozzles every foot or so to spray the greens.  Pretty ingenious.  This mister set up was on the greens that didn't sell as quickly -- collards, chard, kale.

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