[Market-farming] BCS Rotory Plow

Mark Abner wizard1 at ctsbroadband.com
Mon Jun 30 15:21:14 EDT 2008

you are correct berta is the mfg of the rotory plow that fits the bcs
tractor. Its a great tool mine is the single and thats heavy enough for me
: )

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  BCS doesn't make a rotory that I know of but I know that they were/are
negotiating with Berta to market theirs in the US.  I have a Berta Rotory
and it works great.  Mine is a dual and is pretty heavy so I had to add
about 40 lbs of weight on the front of the tractor, otherwise its hard lift
out of the ground.  My problem was that I wanted to go deep and I've found
the depth wheel to be helpful to keep it from bogging down from going too
deep to throw.  You almost don't need to till it as it chops the soil up

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