[Market-farming] dealing with rye

John Ferree john at seldomseenfarm.com
Wed Jun 25 06:05:21 EDT 2008

last fall i put in about two acres of rye vetch. . .

may was cold and wet.  then in june we got 13" of rain in two weeks.  so
the rye is probably at or past the milky stage and 6' tall.  i bush
hogged 3/4 of it. . . will hit it again, and probably overseed clover in
august.  Since the spring has been messed up due to rain, a cold may,
etc.  I was hoping to recover some losses with expanded fall plantings
in the last 3/4 acre patch of rye. 

borrowed a 3 bottom plow. . . got it setup, and made a mess.  the rye is
too tall and clogs the plow 50' into the field.  plowing after mowing
creates a similar problem. 

suck it up and buy the bagged fertilizer for a clear field?  or is there
a way to salvage that 3/4 acre field?

really makes me wish i had a howard or spader. . .


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