[Market-farming] Leaf-footed bugs

Paul Wiediger wiediger at windstream.net
Mon Jun 23 06:43:11 EDT 2008

I've noticed this when I water squash transplants - the squash bugs come to
the top of the plants.  Interesting behavior - wonder if it is common to
true bugs?

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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Thanks, Shawnee 

Yeah the true bugs are among the harder to control;
they are built like tanks.

When the leaf-footed bug feeds on tomato fruits they 
look awful.  A market farmer would really have to
be on their toes.   

By happenchance I've come across a cultural observation.
Being a horticulturist who's seen plenty of plant
diseases on tomatoes and cukes, I avoid splashing water 
on plants in the evening.

But DW is a "mister". She loves to mist the plants in
late afternoon / evening and says the plants are telling
her that's what they need. 

One recent evening she hosed down the tomato jungle. 
Soon after I noticed a number of leaf-footed bugs had 
crawled to the top of the plants where they were sitting 
on upper leaves and bamboo stakes.  So they were easy to 
spot and pick off.

So I tried it again this evening and sprayed down the 
tomato plants with a hose shower.  Sure enough, pretty
soon the leaf-footed bugs were sitting on leaves at 
top of the plants.....  so easy to pick off. 

Steve Diver
Central Texas
.... with 15 record breaking hot days in May-June 2008

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