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Roots Farm & Karen Sutherland rootsfarm at cwdom.dm
Sun Jun 22 17:31:13 EDT 2008

We have a possibility of selling organic produce to a restaurant on a 
nearby U.S. owned island which is currently importing produce from far 
away to serve its major clientele of luxury yachters.  Does anyone have 
recent experience/suggestions with pricing high end, really beautiful:

hot peppers
sweet peppers

Our regular Dominica market pricing is not comparable for so many reasons. 

My prime interest is still (healthy) food security for our island, but a 
chance to also make significant income elsewhere may help us weather the 
many challenges of organic farming here and thus help us stay in 
business to serve the local market and help preserve the local 
environment.  Last year we hoped would be our break even year, but the 
ravages of disease tristesia destroyed  6+ acres of our citrus plantings 
(our main cash crop) and hurricane Dean last August then set us back 
about 2-3 months for vegetables, 6-9 months for plantains, bananas, 
etc.  and knocked most of the young avocado crop off the trees.  If we 
escape hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc., maybe this 

Thanks for any information and best wishes to all,


Karen Sutherland

Roots Farm

Organic Produce

Fruits, Roots, Vegetables & Herbs

Cockrane, Dominica


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