[Market-farming] BCS with Rotary Plow

Mark Abner wizard1 at ctsbroadband.com
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I have the rotory plow with my BCS 853  ( which I also got from Joel at
earth tools) it is a great tool turn deep build high beds in nothing flat.
good for ditching and incoorporateng  cover crops into the soil. I would
recomend it to anyone.

    Let me know how the mulch layer works out for you I have been looking at
one of those.does your have the set up for laying the drip tape? that and
the dibble wheel look like they could make planting large plots go pretty

 Mark in KY  zone 6b
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        Yes, I've got a Grillo with the rotary plow!  I like it a lot.
There has been a learning curve though.  I knocked the wheels off the Grillo
first by having the plow too deep for the tractor.  Mine is a smaller model
tractor and although it has larger wheels on it, it really isn't the best
size for the plow and won't accomodate it going really deep.  Still, it is
terrific for turning things under and for making beds.  I've gotten good at
that.  I wonder if I should have gotten the BCS instead because the handles
on the Grillo are obviously designed for a man with bigger hands than I
have.  But I have gotten used to that too.  The guys in Kentucky at
EarthTools made the rotary plow so it works with the Grillo.  I have not yet
tried my mulch layer...I decided to get one, even though it is only three
foot wide mulch, and just haven't gotten around to trying to figure it
out...Just got the tractor, plow and rototiller at the end of the season
last year...Takes me a while.

        Hattie Allen

        Hattie Garden


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