[Market-farming] Wire deer guards

Diana Jancek dijaan at charter.net
Wed Jun 18 12:51:29 EDT 2008

I have a few "gentleman land owners" and near neighbors with PVC 
contraptions fastened to trees filled with last nights Doritos that I 
would gladly donate to the pond to help those alligators out.....

Willie McKemie wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 10:41:08AM -0400, Allan Balliett wrote:
>> if we're thinking ecologically: is there really any function for deer 
>> in the lowlands? What would the consequences be if they were 'gone'? 
>> With all the crop damage and now Lyme (which has hit both my dogs 
>> and, probably, me), why put up with 'em? -Allan in WV
> I've read, and I have no reason to doubt, that there are far more deer 
> in the North America now than there were before Europeans came.  There 
> are vast urban and rural areas now where it is not permissible to thin 
> them.  Not to mention the gentleman land owners that cultivate them for 
> their supposed decorative value.
> We need more cougars!  That would also do wonders for the un-kept pet  
> and stray dog problems.  Reminds me of an old joke.  A couple of 
> hippies living by a pond were bothered by frog croaking all through the 
> night.  Perhaps impaired from smoking dope, one went out and found an 
> alligator and introduced it to the pond.  Instant quiet.  The other 
> hippie was pleased with the results, but the mental haze cleared and he 
> thought: "Yeah, we fixed those frogs.  Now, all we have is ALLIGATORS."
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