[Market-farming] Wire deer guards

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Wed Jun 18 12:54:16 EDT 2008

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 10:41:08AM -0400, Allan Balliett wrote:
> if we're thinking ecologically: is there really any function for deer 
> in the lowlands? What would the consequences be if they were 'gone'? 
> With all the crop damage and now Lyme (which has hit both my dogs 
> and, probably, me), why put up with 'em? -Allan in WV

I've read, and I have no reason to doubt, that there are far more deer 
in the North America now than there were before Europeans came.  There 
are vast urban and rural areas now where it is not permissible to thin 
them.  Not to mention the gentleman land owners that cultivate them for 
their supposed decorative value.

We need more cougars!  That would also do wonders for the un-kept pet  
and stray dog problems.  Reminds me of an old joke.  A couple of 
hippies living by a pond were bothered by frog croaking all through the 
night.  Perhaps impaired from smoking dope, one went out and found an 
alligator and introduced it to the pond.  Instant quiet.  The other 
hippie was pleased with the results, but the mental haze cleared and he 
thought: "Yeah, we fixed those frogs.  Now, all we have is ALLIGATORS."

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