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Thu Jun 12 14:00:33 EDT 2008

We cut into bunches, like mini bouquets, then place the stems in a tray with cool water.  The trays of bunches go in the coolest spot we can find.  No refrigeration.  That generally means in the lower level of our house.  We try to cut in the evening so that we get the cool of the evening (we're in Colorado at 5000 feet) to cool down the bunches.  If it is really hot, we dunk the bunches in a bucket of cool water to take the heat out before we put them in the trays.  We use the long green or terra cotta colored plastic window box planters (ones without holes in the bottom of course) as our trays.  They look spectacular at the market.  We tell our customers to put the bunch in a cup of water, like for a flower bouquet, and to not refrigerate it.  We've heard reports that customers have had such success holding the basil like this that it has started to root in the cup.

Far Out Gardens
Boulder County Colorado
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