[Market-farming] Watering systems outdoors

Susan Houghton susangivingtree at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 10 13:13:55 EDT 2008

    After struggling with drip - both trying to pick it up, not being able 
to weed efficiently (we use a lot of stirrup hoe or cultivator), tripping 
over it, hating the price, cutting through it when harevesting, we have a 
different kind of system.

    We have two wells now, which make watering a little easier (and is a 
real lesson for everyone else to really think about where you want your 
water , not just now, but in the future).

    We have set up hydrants in strategic places about 100 feet apart, along 
the edge of one field (320' by 120'), through the center of another.  We 
also have a mix of soils - some clay, some sand, some muck.  All of them 
have different water retention capacities and needs.

    Then we put a spike type sprinkler on a fence post (we just attach it 
with some wire) and attach the hose to the hydrant.  This way we only have 
to move one 50' section of hose at a time. and can cover almost 5 acres with 
enough water to really keep us going.  We have 40 pounds of water pressure 
from the pump, or should, and it is enough to run two sprinklers at a time. 
We reset sprinklers just twice a day - and it takes about 15 minutes to move 
them. (pretty efficient compared to the old patching time it took)

    Like every one else around - we had way too little water in April and 
May, but have had 4" in the last three days (and expecting more tonight). 
So we are thankful for the respite too.

Giving Tree Farm
Lansing Michigan 

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