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Mon Jun 9 09:30:48 EDT 2008

Our rows are 500' long. I have no idea what our water pressure is, since it fluctuates so much. We are in a very rural area, and we are on the "city" water. Our town is in the process of building a new water tower, and laying new larger lines out this way. Anyway, with our row length we can water 6-8 rows at a time. We use low flow, 12" space drip tape. We have a shut off valve on each line. This way, if we blow out a line, or just have a leak we can shut if off to make repairs without having to turn everything off. We've learned to open up more lines than we can really water well, just because the pressure fluctuates so much. If we don't, and our pressure jumps up, we start blowing out lines. And, if we are not around when it happens, we end up creating a lake in the field! We are down line from the cattle sale barn in this area, and they use a lot of water. If it is a sale day, we have poor pressure. No sale, good pressure. A pressure regulator would of course solve those problems, but... just another one of those things we'll get around to some day! 
With our lack of pressure we have to run our drip lines nearly night and day to get everything watered. And, the critters come out at night and chew on the lines to get the water. More lakes in the field. 
It's raining today, so we get a break from the never ending watering and fixing leaks. 
Perkins, OK
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