[Market-farming] rabbit control and dogs

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You might consider a "Rabbit Roundup". Copy and paste the below web-address.



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Have you ever noticed that the more you kill or trap rabbits the more
rabbits you get in return. There seems to be a natural balance in a rabbit
population. I have three pairs on the farmsted area of my land, always three
never two or four. I leave them alone and work around them. I even gave them
names. If another pair invades the others chase them away. Yes there are
babies everywhere but few survive. I don't mess with the natural balance. I
once saw a neighbors dog chase down and tear appart a rabbit in my hay
field. If I had a shot gun I would have shot the dog. I view dogs as
invasive species sort of like the neighbors who own them...Bob.
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Is anyone using dogs for control of rabbits?  How does one train a dog to
kill the rabbits once the dog finds them?  It seems as most of the dogs I
have seen around rabbits just chase them around.  The rabbits seem to have
the upper hand.
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