[Market-farming] Was New Chicks/? about twine sissel vs plastic

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We use tomato twine for the tomatos because you can get a good pull on it and it stays taunt where the sissell gets loose after a few rains or heavy dews and the plants tend to droop out of the rows. I use untreated sissell for the pole beans and tying other plants. Ordered the untreated through our local Coop; its more expensive than treated but worth it to me in the long run. I string alot of beans; after using the treated I'm sick for several days; haven't been sick using the untreated!!
At the end of the season I roll up vines and strings and put them in the burn pile; easy clean up.
Flying S Farms
Woodbury, TN

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Hi all, 
I'm thinking of starting this "chicken thing" what breeds are you using for meat in a pasture situation?
On another note: those of you who use the weave system for tomatos, do you think it's ok to use baling twine or is it better to get some tomato twine?
Have Fun 

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