[Market-farming] Blackberry Problem

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In my mind there is a possibility of heat being a problem.
Cranberries usually grow in a cooler climate then here in our zone; so...
Peat makes the soil porous.  Bark mulch can decay into peat.  There may be some nutrients and acidity which it adds to the soil.
Christine Burkholder
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  I've read about blackberry fertilizer requirements.  Most recommend somewhere around 200 lbs. of actual Nitrogen per acre.  I have 1/10 acre of berries, so I should put 20 lbs.  It's also recommended that the N be spread over the year with most of it before and during bloom but tapering off as Fall approaches.  

  The Phosphorus in the bone meal really sounds like a good idea to me.  I'm going to try that as soon as I can find a good source.  Not sure what the Peat is supposed to do though.  Anyone know?

  Yes, blackberries grow in the wild around here, although not much.  I don't have any other brambles.  Cold isn't usually a problem here, but heat might be.  I've never heard of heat causing problems though.

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