[Market-farming] Blackberry Problem

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Yes, I too have seen too much leaf/plant growth and not that much fruiting with too much nitrogen.  If this is the problem, though, I don't think normal blooming would be occurring.
Blackberries do like an acid soil; so bark mulch or leaves is great for blackberries.
Does any one else in your area grow blackberries successfully?  Do blackberries grow in the wild?  
Do you grow other brambles?  
Could temperature be a problem? 
Since you have bees, I assume that no chemicals like Sevin is in the air? 
 I still don't know why my cranberry bush doesn't fruit either. 
Perhaps I should try the bone meal and bark mulch on it. 

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  Hi, Mark:  Yes.  Both were in powder form.  I didn't measure.  I just gave a good sprinkle of each around the root zone of each plant, topped with wood chip mulch and watered well.  I never had another problem with them, and I had the same bushes for almost 20 years (then we moved).  BTW, it was my dad (an old-fashioned farmer) who told me that too much fertilizer will give you great growth but no fruit.  You won't be able to get any fruit this year, but you should do very well next year.  Hope this helps.

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