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Petersons family petersns at whidbey.com
Sun Jun 1 13:24:56 EDT 2008

I see you are in Arizona so shipping may guide your choice.  We're  
happy with our containers from http://www.dacocorp.com (but we can  
pick them up at the warehouse).  Look in the bargain section for hand  
held containers -this is where you can find quantities less than a  
pallet.  Having sturdy containers that stack or nest has been such a  
help in getting ready for market.  The drain tray doesn't stack, but  
has been valuable for washing and draining many different  
vegetables.   The stacking/nesting containers with solid bottom and  
side holes allow you to pull them along a row without getting dirt  
inside usually, and later when packing vegetables, to leave a bit of  
water in the bottom if you need too.  These containers stack nicely,  
can be used to build displays as they empty at market, and are all  
around useful. The stackable containers are sturdy,  but we've only  
used them for 3 years at this point. We got the drain trays used, at a  
liquidator's, about 15 years ago and haven't damaged them ourselves yet.
The two we use the most:
Stack & Nest Box
Solid Bottom, Side Holes
23.6"x15.37"x7" - Yellow -
Part Number : TBB3010
Drain Tray(
18.375"x13.5"x3.875" - Red
Part Number : DRAINTRAY

Molly Petersons
Whidbey Island, WA
On May 29, 2008, at 10:19 PM, Cory and Shanti Rade wrote:

> I am looking to buy some harvest containers.  Have been harvesting  
> into 5 gallon buckets for the past 10 years, but now that we have a  
> walk-in cooler, I am looking to upgrade and buckets don't work well  
> for everything.  We would be using them for a wide variety of crops  
> from salad mix to head lettuce to peppers, eggplant, roots crops,  
> onions - basically everything (except tomatoes).  I am thinking  
> something that will nest and stack and is a durable plastic able to  
> handle lots of sun (in Arizona) and not break down.  Are there  
> companies and specific styles that anyone likes?  I did come across  
> Buckhorn Packaging, but there are lots of options and I am not sure  
> what would be best.
> Thanks for your input.
> Shanti Rade
> Whipstone Farm
> Paulden, AZ
> Email: whipstone at aol.com
> Website: www.whipstone.com
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