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It's been my understanding that milky spore disease incubates in the bodies of the japanese beetle grubs after they eat it while feeding on turf roots.  What's your compost pile idea?  I use the double lure (floral and sex phermone) traps with the thought that the beetles in the trap are not eating or breeding anymore.  I replaced the hard plastic jar container on my reusable traps with plastic bags...handles the volume a bit better...and this season, a handy, mysterious varmint-possum?- has been ripping open the bag at night and eating the beetles.  Haven't had to empty a trap so far; just replace the bag in the morning.  Also, birds have taken to sitting on the trap and munching the overflow during the morning; an observant intern was very excited to see a large wasp-like insect attack and eat a beetle on a rose bush.
One of my customers hangs his trap without a bag over his pond, and the koi do the rest of the work.
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I've heard you can reduce Japanese beetle and other ground breeding insect pests by using milky spore disease.  It won't do anything to the adults but it infects and kills the larvae which live in the ground.  It takes a few years to really get the soil inoculated so its no fast solution and they can fly in so its only part of the solution but once established it is semi permanant.  After the populations are reduced it should be easier to control the ones that fly in.  I plan to start breeding the stuff in compost piles.
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