[Market-farming] Blackberry and Raspberry Questions

Richard Robinson rrobinson at nasw.org
Wed Jul 30 12:05:17 EDT 2008

 On Wed, 30 Jul 2008 11:49:30 -0400, BillOhio wrote:
> We recently attended the brambles field night at the Piketon, Ohio OSU South
> Centers research station, which was highly interesting. They no longer
> recommend trelling brambles -- formerly they used high-tensile wire and clips
> with, I think, a 6-foot plant spacing. Instead, they are recommending heading
> back the canes at about 2 feet tall to break apical dominance, thereby
> inducing development of laterals, which are in turn clipped at 18-22 inches.
> Plant spacing is 2 feet in the row for thorny and 1 foot for thornless, due
> to the more aggressive spreading of the thorny varieties.

Interesting--I'll be curious to hear more about that method. In response to the original question, I don't know about blackberries, but for raspberries, it depends on the growing habits of the variety. Some don't need it at all. For those that do, I've read about several systems, which are integrated with decisions on pruning/mowing. I have mine on a T-trellis, with two wires spaced two feet apart, three feet off the ground. It's too little for Caroline, which I've supplemented with additional wires higher up and further out. It's about right (though may not be really needed) for Prelude. And Laurens may need more too. Polanas need nothing. I don't use clips.

 Richard Robinson

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