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Just a note on hydro-cooling tomatoes, especially in light of recent
paranoias regarding food safety. If there is temperature differential of
more than 10 degrees between the water and the tomatoes, they will actually
suck in water (and anything in it...salmonella, etc.) in through the stem
end. Unfortunately, it's much safer to cool them the old-fashioned way ( in
a cooler) and then wash them if it's necessary. I learned this in a recent
farm food safety seminar.
Probably not practical for all, but what about harvesting in the very early
morning while the tomatoes are at their coolest?
Monroe, WA


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Thanks Carla, 
what temp do you keep your cooler? I don't know why, but I never thought to
hydo cool tomatoes. hummmm
Dave z6

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We don't have a perfect system by any means. We pick, not at the breaker
stage, but a little more mature than that. We wash them, which really helps
to remove the field heat, and then store in our house. As they reach full
maturity, we move them to our walk in cooler. I taste, taste, taste, and
cooling them hasn't affected the flavor. We still have some loss, but it's
the best we can do right now. I don't really like having boxes of tomatoes
stacked all over my living room either...
Perkins, OK

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