[Market-farming] manure spreaders

Andy Fellenz fellenz at fltg.net
Sat Jul 26 00:00:17 EDT 2008

I have an old ground drive McCormick which has always needed a fair 
amount of work and has been unreliable.  If I buy another, it will have 
a PTO drive so that I can unload into a pile in addition to along a row 
and will be a lot newer and more reliable.


Jason Jones wrote:
> Hi.  I am interested in what other folks are using for manure 
> spreaders.  We may be in the market for one soon and I want to see 
> what works well for other small growers.  I would be interested in 
> people who have either purchased new or used.  Ideally, I would really 
> like to be able to spread a wide pattern if necessary, but would also 
> like to be able to drop a very narrow pattern, say 3-4 feet wide for 
> adding compost to beds. Thanks for your input. 
> Jason
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