[Market-farming] Singing the praises of a new (to me, anyway) vegetable

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Thu Jul 24 17:49:12 EDT 2008

Hiya Pat!
   I did like the Salsify, very much, tho i am not keen on alot of the
root crops .  What i loved, is that they tasted something akin to an
artichoke heart - a BIG favorite thing (that i spend too much student
loan money on in collegein the 70's!!!).  I grew Salify at my husband's
request, tho i had never had it before.  The seed were part of my
souvenir/treat for myself while on trip to the highlands and islands of
Scotland studying rural entrepreneurship/  I was on a squeaky-tight
budget there, so seed were the perfect gift for me, after buying others
their goodies!  I love the plant and blooms, too, tho only 3 wintered
over from last year for seed.  I will dig roots and replant for seed when
i need it next - they didn't care for our winter here.
    Pat, did you get any of the cabbage collard seed  that went around? 
I never cared much for collards, but these are milder and sweeter - and
we are really sold on them, both the green and the "yellow".  I look 
forward to tasting them after the first frosts to compare.  If you do not
have any of those seed, i sure would be glad to share some of the green
cabbage collards.
Timer just went off for the canner, so adios for now!
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