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I go with Johnny's, High Mowing, and Fedco - all northeastern companies. I
also like Territorial - Oregon but cool night temps so similar, and Turtle
Tree (NY, can buy through Peaceful Valley). If I lived in CA I'd probably
use Peaceful Valley as a main source. For flower seed I use Germania. If I'm
feeling cheap I get some from E&R. I try to limit myself because every time
I give in a order just one particular item I can't find elsewhere, as long
as I'm paying shipping I buy more and more. There are quite a few newer,
smaller companies that are probably very good, but as I said, to discipline
myself, I limit the number I am buying from.


Beth Spaugh

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"How we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used." -
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"Without power over our food, any notion of democracy is empty." - Frances
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just out of curiosity, what are people's favorite seed companies(for bulk
seed) and why?
I am still working on this one!

Sarah E Wiederkehr
Manager, Full Circle Farm
Sunnyvale, CA
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