[Market-farming] Dressing ideas for bitter summer lettuce(?)

Marcy mlynn at pcisys.net
Fri Jul 18 23:50:16 EDT 2008

How/where do you seed for lettuce transplants?  I've always direct-seeded
for spring and fall harvest and just skipped the summer, but this year I
wanted to keep some lettuce going through the summer for our CSA (new this
I tried starting a table full of flats in our living room for cooler soil
temps during germination, then moved to a table in the hoophouse, but they
all fried. Well, I do have two flats of Concept that survived and are big
enough to transplant now. 

My June seeding of endive and dandelion greens didn't do so well either
(direct seeded). I'm wondering if it would help to use row cover to keep it
cooler and keep bugs off?  It's inside the hoophouse also.

SE CO with a hot/dry/windy summer

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Jericho is better than any other we have tried - and we have tried dozens.
But, it only stays nice for about 2 weeks.  So if we want good, sweet
lettuce for the entire summer, we have to be seeding/transplanting every two

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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