[Market-farming] Dressing ideas for bitter summer lettuce(?)

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No dressing will make bitter lettuce taste good, but a nice vinaigrette will
help if the bitterness is not extreme.  We have found that lettuce gets
bitter here in the summer heat regardless of moisture levels.  We even tried
growing it in a float bed one summer - can't get much more even moisture
than that! We've also tried shade - just made it grow taller, but it still
got bitter.

Jericho is better than any other we have tried - and we have tried dozens.
But, it only stays nice for about 2 weeks.  So if we want good, sweet
lettuce for the entire summer, we have to be seeding/transplanting every two

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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I've got a planting of Jehrico that's been distributed to the CSA 
that I'm getting some bitterness complaints about.

This brings up two questions:

1. Do you have a recipe for a dressing that goes good with bitter lettuce?

2. I've had it in my head that as long as the soil is very damp, 
lettuce won't get bitter. I think I ran into something weird in the 
past couple of weeks: the soil was wet to almost capacity but it was 
hot enough that this soaking wet soil got hot. I was in a bind of 
knowing I didn't need more water and thinking that as long as the 
lettuce could access water, its leaves could not get too hot. It seem 
like I should have used a 'cooling mist,' even though the soil was 
plenty wet. (I hate to say it, but also HOT to the touch, at times) 
What do you think?


Allan Balliett
Extending the season right into summer
in Shepherdstown, WV
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