[Market-farming] Japanese Beetles and Japanese Plums

David Guthrie dguthrie at egyptian.net
Thu Jul 17 22:14:43 EDT 2008

Hi Andy:

. . .get rid of the traps. . .at least that's what the extension guy told 
me. . .

we went to a field day at a University of Illinois test plot and one of the 
presenters said that japanese beatle traps (with pheremones?) attract your 
neighbor's beatle population. . .so if you don't want to increase the 
numbers around your place get your neighbor to put in the traps. . .the guy 
said a barrel full of beatles over a short time period wasn't unusual . . . 
we've got them too. . .so far they just eat my fruit trees and the pin oaks. 
. .i'd be interested in organic controls as well !

David Guthrie

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> Hi,
> I'm looking for approved organic controls for Japanese Beetles.  I put
> in a fair number of traps on the farm perimeter this season which have
> been catching lots of beetles, but found beetles in my Japanese Plums
> today.  I harvested the first variety without any beetle damage, but
> when I checked today almost every plum in the first variety which had
> been missed - we finished the pick at dusk - had Japanese Beetle
> damage.  I have two more varieties which still need to ripen and haven't
> been attacked yet.  Any suggestions for controlling the beetles?
> Thanks,
> Andy
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