[Market-farming] Raspberry varieties

Andy Fellenz fellenz at fltg.net
Tue Jul 15 10:48:47 EDT 2008

I have my summer bearing varieties trellised and prune all second year 
canes out as I have time in late summer and early fall.  In late 
winter/early spring I prune again to get proper spacing between plants, 
prune off winter damage and  if the canes  are really  long I tip them 
back.  On my black raspberries and blackberries I tip every cane in the 
spring to encourage branching.


> Are you pruning the Laurens? I haven't been (this is really their first big year), but am thinking I will next year, as they get long and unruly.
> thanks, Richard
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>  Richard Robinson
>  http://www.nasw.org/users/rrobinson/
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