[Market-farming] Raspberry varieties

Bobbett bobbett at alltel.net
Mon Jul 14 15:00:47 EDT 2008

Richard Robinson wrote:

>Anyone in the north have any advice on raspberry varieties? We are near Boston, on the border between zones 5 and 6. 
I'm in zone 6 KY.  I grow Royalty purple raspberries.  HUGE berries.  
Some even merge and make double-sized berries!  They fruited for me the 
year I planted them (don't know how), and this is my 2nd summer growing 
them.  The plants were VERY hardy for me and expanded like crazy!  They 
put out lots of runners.  Took me only 10 min. to dig up 25 babies and 
transplant them earlier this Spring;  all took!

I just picked my last pint today, but was getting upwards of 2-5 qts 
every other day on just 10 plants.  And mind you, I couldn't pick in the 
very center of the patch due to their expansion after I pruned earlier 
this year.

Some people consider KY to be in the south.  I don't know. I used to 
live in NJ.  Both were zone 6.  KY's winters are a tad milder, but we do 
get ice, snow, and freezing temps.

>(We also grow two fall bearers, Caroline and Polana.)
btw, how do they do for you?  I have Heritage, Fall Gold, and Fall Red.  
I've not been impressed.


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