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What is a good "ton" splitting force and hydraulic capacity to look for in a log splitter. What do you think of the splitters sold by Northern...
I quit using wood 15 years ago for heating my greenhouses. This year I will be going back to wood as a supplment to oil heat. I will be buying bulk logs and recutting and splitting myself. As much as I enjoyed the rush of hand splitting, it gets old pretty quick. Not to mention Im getting old... Bob.
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Sharon and Stever,

The beauty of the timberwolf http://www.timberwolfcorp.com/ line is in:

a) Four way and six way splitter attachments.

b) Hand or hydralic Log lifters.

c) grates to catch the splits so you can sort to resplit or send to the split pile.

d) LARGE resivoir for hydralic fluid. 

They aren't cheap, start around 2 to 3 grand.
But you'll get more done faster.


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>> its not the junk you find at tractor supply, lowes, john deere dealers. it 
>> serious stuff for the long haul.
>> Regards,
>> DRH
>Looks like the one we use lately, best feature I have seen is the hydraulic 
>valve has 2 handles, to start the cycle pull back both handles and they stay 
>back and the ram extends, when it is full out the right handle pops forward 
>and the ram reverses, when fully retracted the left handle pops forward 
>ready for the next stick. All hands off, leaving you free to get the next 

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