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We have had great success packaging our lettuce mix for market similar to
how you are doing it. However to keep it at the highest quality possible at
market we store our entire stock in large coolers with ice packs in the
bottom, covered with a feed sack (paper, not poly). To address the marketing
issue we put a large, attractive enamelware bowl of the salad on the table.
The bowl has a "false bottom" of a form-fitting plastic container that is
filled with water and frozen. A nice dish towel that matches the bowl
separates the lettuce from direct contact with the frozen bowl below.
Throughout the morning we mist our sample salad and because it is such a
small amount, we can replace or add to it to "freshen" as needed. We use
this method of display on all our temp. sensitive products and it works
beautifully for us. We get lots of compliments on the appearance of our
stand and we know that we are keeping the delicate produce at its best
quality for our customers.


I know this is counter to the marketing idea of "overwhelm them with your
bounty" but it works great for us. 



Blue Gate Farm


<<I am looking for some feedback in order to gain insight and fresh ideas 

concerning the packaging, and marketing of fresh leaf lettuce mix at farmers



Jill Beebout & Sean Skeehan

Blue Gate Farm

749 Wyoming St.

Chariton, IA  50049




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