[Market-farming] sizing up brassicas

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at inil.com
Wed Jul 9 10:17:31 EDT 2008

You might want to pull up a few plants to see if there are cabbage maggots 
feeding on the roots. In cool wet weather the adults can lay eggs at the 
base of plants. The maggots hatch out and crawl to the base of the plant and 
start feeding on the root system. the plant can't grow much because the 
roots aren't healthy. Sometimes you can even smell rotting tissue.
A pyrethrin spray at the base of the plants might help but if the damage is 
bad, it might be too late.

Bill Shoemaker, Sr Research Specialist, Food Crops
University of Illinois - St Charles Horticulture Research Center

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> I'm wondering why our brassicas aren't sizing up this year.  The plants 
> look
> great.. they've been well taken care of, watered, etc.  In addition, this
> year it seems like it would have been a perfect one for brassicas... we 
> had
> a cool spring.    I know it's difficult to diagnose, but wondering if 
> there
> are any nutrients that I may be missing that would affect the size of our
> brocolli, cauliflower and even our kohlrabi heads this year?
> PS--I planted onions in the field the year before.  Do I remember reading
> something about onions affect the size of brassicas or is it the other way
> around?
> --gary
> Central MN
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