[Market-farming] Mulch Question and Request for Advice

Richard Stewart rstewart at zoomtown.com
Thu Jul 3 08:19:45 EDT 2008

> You mentioned reusing mulch chips.  How would that be done without  
> mixing it
> with dirt?

Sorry, I reuse the landscape fabric, not the wood chips.

> How about the size of the chips. Seems like that would cause
> problems if plowed under each year.   The idea was to make them  
> small and
> plowing them under.  I've heard that too much organic material,  
> like stalks
> and the like, will tie up the soils nitrogen for a year or so  
> making it hard
> to grow anything until the material has decomposed.  Know anything  
> about
> that?

That's why a tried, more heavily, the sawdust and shavings.  Its a  
lot more fine and be easily tilled into the ground or mixed with  
other compost when the season is done.   Not too sure if it will  
actually work that way or not, but we'll see.

The chipped wood takes for ever to break down.  I much with it around  
our trees because it does not break down as quickly.

> As mentioned in my original post, I have plenty of elm and mesquite  
> wood
> available for mulching.  Anyone know of a good pto chipper that  
> will handle
> about 10" logs?  Also need a good splitter.

Been looking for one myself.  I'll let you know when I decide.  :)

10", for me gets turned into firewood.

We have a Woodmizer bandmill, so we use just about everything except  
the brush.  Normally I make small brush pile around the perimeter of  
our farm that is not along the road to make a sort of fence and  
provide cover for small animals and birds.  I'd like to use all the  
tree when we cut one down to make stall boards or beams, but that is  
another cost...one more on a long list.


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