[Market-farming] Mulch Question and Request for Advice

mcoldiron mcoldiron at crcom.net
Tue Jul 1 20:14:21 EDT 2008

I farm in a very arid region of west Texas.  This year has been especially 
hot, dry, and very windy.  The ground water quality is poor, making normal 
irrigation impossible. However I believe, on a very limited basis, using 
drip tape and hauled water, irrigation can work with heavy mulching.

The only mulch I can imaging working is wood chips.  Straw will just blow 
away.  Plus, I haven't found a good source of straw.  There's plenty of elm 
and mesquite wood here to make mulch.

Anyone out there with experience using wood chips?
Size of chips?
Depth of mulch?
Recommended equipment?


TxBeeFarmer (Mark)
West Texas Zone 7b

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