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DE is used for internal parasites for animals; that's a pretty wet
application. It also does dry out on the plants and I don't see why it would
lose its physical structure in the process. 
DE works when an insect eats, breaths, or is externally exposed to it.


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Okay, now I am confused.  I thought DE had to be dry to do any good.  I 
have a duster for DE, but I hate using it since I have to wear a mask or 
risk damaging my lungs.

I did mis-write in my first message, I have tomato pinworm, not wire 
worm.  I am frazzled by this invasion.

Compost tea is helping the plants.

Does the soap used have to be a vegetable oil soap?  Will an animal oil 
soap harm the plants?  I always make my own.

Bright Blessings,
Kim & Garth
Bedias, Texas

breck wrote:
> Diatomaceous earth (*/_food grade only_/*) might work on them. I use my 
> solo sprayer with 3gl water, 1 tbls Golden soy oil (try any sticker like 
> soap), and cup of de. I spray at dusk to avoid bees.  Agitate thoroughly 
> then take the whole tip off and squirt for second to get rid of heavy 
> particles. Keep sloshing the sprayer around to mix. When the tip gets 
> clogged I remove and tap clean.
> Good luck,
> Breck
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